Toothbrush Meditations!

Toothbrush Meditations Power Tools for Relaxation

Hi guys!,

I’ve been busy! I’ve just launched the Toothbrush Meditations… 10 second meditations that you can do whenever you’re feeling stressed. They help you relax instantly, while you’re being productive doing other things, you  do a 10 second meditation and Voila!

They are a meditations that I’ve been doing for years… I wanted techniques that I can do anywhere, anytime and these are what I came up with for myself.

About 6 months ago, I decided that they were too good to keep to myself, so I’ve put them in a format that we can all share!

Check them out at

And please let me know what you think – on the page, the text, as well as the meditations themselves! Your feedback is very, very welcome! If you give me any feedback I’ll send you a free bonus meditation in thanks.

With Joy,

Your Questions: How to Decompress After a Long Day?

(video) Being busy can become such a pervasive habit that we forget to relax.

Decompressing after a long day can be as simple as a two minute relaxation practice that interrupts the day’s stressful rhythm and reminds you that it’s time to slow down and enjoy yourself. Yay!
What do you do to relax?

Broken to Joy: Mind Games

(video) Sometimes we’ve just got to go for it and let our heart speak.
Here is my heart speaking to yours about a topic we all love: how we’re becoming better people through spirituality, through working with our lovely minds… And how that gets in our way sometimes.
This is the second video where I challenged myself to let my heart speak with out mental preparation and to drop back into heart whenever I noticed my mind talking… the mind to heart pauses can be annoying if you want a fast pace!
You are welcome, for your own sanity, to use the pauses to sink deeper into your own heart.
I’d love to know how this experiment goes for you!

Broken to Joy: Moving from Head to Heart?

(video) This video was a personal challenge… to be in my heart!

First, to speak from the heart with no preparation other than to have the intention to talk about something useful that we can all relate to. Second, whenever I start talking from my mind to pause… and drop back into heart space.

So, the pauses in this video are just that: me moving from head to heart. This is the first time I’ve done this on video so it is a slow process…
This could be annoying to watch!

Maybe if you take the challenge yourself, and every time I get quiet you drop as deeply into yourself as you can, then it might be as fun to watch as it was to make! Who knows?!

It would be really cool to hear how this experiment went for you!


Broken to Joy: How to Recognize Resistance & Make Friends With It

(video) Resistance can be tricky to recognize… if it is working properly it is designed to distract you from the pain underneath it. How can you recognize resistance and how can you deal with it once you do? This video shows you one way that I’ve found works well.

What’s your experience with resistance and making friends with it?


Broken to Joy: How to Let Go, Part 2

(video) Once we’re ready to quit the cycle of denial and reliving our pain, we can acknowledge it and let it go… Oh happy day!
Here’s one technique that I use with clients for acknowledging pain – without denying or reliving.

What’s your experience?


Broken to Joy: How to Let Go, Part 1

(video) We tend to do a mixture of two things when we’re faced with something that we don’t like: we deny it and we relive it in our heads over and over. Neither of these are terribly helpful for letting go of the pain.

What’s your experience with these things?


Broken to Joy: How Patience Speeds Healing

(video) Patience helps lighten the load. You feel safer and more confident making change easier.
Frustration adds another layer of ick to work through.

What’s your experience with these two?


Broken to Joy: Stepping Out of Turmoil – Practicing During Turmoil (3 of 3)

(video) Caught up in a storm? How to stop the thunder and lightening?

The third step, after remembering that your thoughts aren’t you (you have thoughts like you have a shirt) and practicing remembering that enough that it is easy to do… you can finally remember in the middle of chaos!

Stepping out of turmoil is but a practice away…