Meditation Tools

MME Album ArtGuided Mindfulness Meditations

Guided Mindfulness Meditations (free audio downloads from my blog)

All of the meditation practices that I’ve recorded from the blog.


MME Album ArtMindfulness Made Easy Meditations

Guided Meditations from my 6-week Course: 

A few of the mindfulness practices that I offer in my Mindfulness Made Easy 6-week course. (Click on the image  to access the 1st one or click on Practice 1, 2, 3 & 4.)



Ten Tips for Enjoying Meditation

A Beginners Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Wonder-Full Practice (free eBook)

A helpful book for beginners… many of the things that I wish I knew when I first started out. (Click on the image or here to access.)


Toothbrush MeditationsThe Toothbrush Meditations

Power Tools for Relaxation (7 free guided meditations)

Your humble bathroom is an awesome place to meditate. You’re in there every morning (consistency!), you’re alone (solitude!) and you’re preparing for your day (refreshing!). It’s a perfect place for regular, solo meditation practice. A great way to get clean & clear right from the start. (Click image or here to access.)